comScore Mediaite’s John Ziegler to Beck: Breitbart Would Be ‘Furious’ at What His Site Has Become

Mediaite’s John Ziegler to Beck: Breitbart Would Be ‘Furious’ at What His Site Has Become


Mediaite columnist John Ziegler spoke with Glenn Beck on his radio show today about the state of the conservative media in our Brave New Trumpworld.

Frequent Mediaite readers know that Ziegler has been chronicling the tribulations of the conservative media throughout the 2016 election, including the must-read “How and Why the Conservative Media Sold Its Soul To Facilitate Trump’s Nomination.”

Beck and Ziegler both found that this election has been very enlightening in show them “who to trust and who not to.” Ziegler in particular said the responses from certain people to his election/media commentary have been very enlightening.

Ziegler brought up how he learned from Andrew Breitbart that Matt Drudge took down big anti-Obama stories from the site, with several potential explanations why.

The one common thread between that in 2008 and the Drudge Report now is hatred of Hillary Clinton. But with how all-in Drudge has gone in on Donald Trump, Ziegler said, “Drudge has either gone batcrap crazy or he just loves chaos. I think he’s a chaos master.”

He said the Obama presidency has been “very good for Drudge’s bank account” and that the mainstream media learned very quickly this cycle how to capitalize on Drudge’s Trump love.

Ziegler also bemoaned what Breitbart would think of what his site has become now when 1) he was not a birther, and 2) he didn’t like Trump. “The Andrew Breitbart that I knew,” he said, “would be furious at what Breitbart has become.”

Listen to the full interview above, via The Glenn Beck Program.

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