Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher Asks President Obama About Gov. Christie Rumors

With the “fall” of Texas Governor Rick Perry and the rise of Herman Cain, the bizarre side quest the media has undertaken of trying to convince New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to hop into the race has been at the forefront of many headlines. Naturally, what the ultimate opponent any of these candidate would face has to say on the matter is worth noting and, to that end, we sent out own White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher to ask President Obama just what he thinks about the rumored Christie run.

Fresh off Marine One, the President was cordial to the press as they awaited his descent and Christopher inquired as to the Christie rumors. The President then smiled and waved as he walked by. Eyewitness to the event, Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher adds his account to the event as the President enters the White House, stating that, in his opinion, “he heard me.”

Certainly, President Obama’s cheerful hello will only add yet another layer of intrigue to the neverending mystery that is whether or not Gov. Christie will hop into the race, particularly given the many mixed signals the governor has given himself.

The video below:

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