Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: Media Should Call Out Romney’s Lying, But They’re ‘Way Too Used To It’ By Now

On Thursday, Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher paid a visit to Thom Hartmann‘s radio show to discuss the latest debacle surrounding Mitt Romney‘s response to the anti-U.S. attacks in Libya. While the politicization is worth noting, he argued, the media shouldn’t become immune to Romney’s lying.

Asked for his opinion about Romney’s response to the recent attack on a U.S. consulate, Christopher said it “reeks of desperation,” further deeming it “disgusting” and “disgraceful.” He went on to add that there’s too much focus on the fact that Romney politicized the incident, when we should really be focusing on the fact that he lied in order to politicize it. People should know that what he said is not true, Christopher said.

At Hartmann’s request, Christopher then sought to recap the Romney’s assertions. A U.S. embassy statement from Cairo is not the same thing as an Obama administration statement, Christopher said — but that’s how he treated it. Simply put, he said, Romney’s “entire attack is based on two huge lies.”

Hartmann asked why the “corporate media” would pick up on the politicization and not on the lying, especially given that Romney’s lied before. “That could be part of the problem,” Christopher replied. “We’re in this era of post-truth politics, and it’s not a new story that Mitt Romney’s a liar, or that Paul Ryan is a liar. It is a new story that they decided to shoot themselves in both feet by politicizing a tragedy as it’s unfolding.”

The media should be able to focus on two things at once, he added, “but that’s not a strength of ours.” Circling back to what Christopher earlier called Romney’s big lie, Christopher said “technically,” you can make the argument that the embassy statement is reflective of the Obama administration’s response. He then asserted why that argument is wrong: “Technically, the guy at the drive-thru window is a representative of McDonald’s. But if he tells you to go screw yourself, you can’t then write the headline that says McDonald’s tells me to go screw myself. It’s a lie.”

“Romney is a despicable liar,” Christopher said. “We’re getting way too used to the lying.” Noting his own liberal stance, Christopher said people may not listen to someone like him, so it’s important for outlets like CNN and The New York Times to point these things out.

The segment below:

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