Meghan McCain Battles View Co-Hosts on the Eagles: Trump Isn’t ‘Bigger’ Than White House

Meghan McCain had a rousing debate with her colleagues on The View today regarding President Donald Trump‘s decision to bar the Philadelphia Eagles from the planned ceremony in their honor at the White House.

The conversation began by focusing on Trump’s announcement that he’s snubbing the Super Bowl champions over their support for their anthem-kneeling colleagues. However, the ladies noted that the Eagles didn’t have any anthem kneelers in the 2017 season, and also mocked Trump for trying to save face because most of the team reportedly planned to reject his invitation anyway before yesterday’s announcement.

“The rejection that he’s feeling from the cool kids, it’s really smarting, it’s really affecting him,” Sunny Hostin said.

McCain eventually got in on the conversation by saying people really shouldn’t bash the White House’s prestige by refusing invitations to appear. She also expressed disapproval for the general politicalization of sports and how Trump has exploited anthem-kneeling as a culture war issue.

“I think the White House and the presidency is bigger than one man,” McCain argued. “I know it’s a different time, but I do think sports should bring us together, and I think when you’re invited to the White House, I don’t care who you are, it’s an incredible experience, and I wish we could table it at this time and just come together.”

Whoopi Goldberg pushed back by saying that the Eagles probably think Trump doesn’t care what they have to say because he insults anthem-kneelers all the time and has shown no interest in understanding them.

The conversation opened up to the whole panel — as McCain argued that tribalism prevents meaningful conversation, and that the White House is too symbolically huge to reject just because of Trump.

McCain made this point by reminding the ladies that she personally has had to deal with Team Trump’s insults towards her father on the regular, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), and has never received an apology.

“He made death jokes about my father, I know, but I’m telling you that even for me at this point in time, even for me – and I’ve been through a lot with this administration when my dad has cancer, even for me – he is not bigger than the presidency, he’s not bigger than America, he’s not bigger than the White House and sometimes you just have to come to the table and have the conversation…I refuse to let him destroy all the things that I believe in and that our founding fathers started…I think when you are called and when you are asked, you show up, if for no other reason than to say your piece.”

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