Megyn Kelly Hits Michael Avenatti: Julie Swetnick’s Claims ‘Fell Apart on National Television’

Megyn Kelly took a swipe at Michael Avenatti on Tuesday — accusing him of contributing to the #MeToo movement “jump[ing] the shark” in some people’s view.

During the opening segment of Megyn Kelly Today, the host argued that the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process ultimately harmed #MeToo. Kelly believes the sexual misconduct claim brought forward by Avenatti client Julie Swetnick in particular had a political tint.

“[#MeToo] was weaponized in the political context,” Kelly said. “Not so much even by Dr. Ford, who is the least controversial of the women who came forward. But by women like Julie Swetnick, whose claims fell apart on national television. Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who never missed an opportunity to tease his alleged gang rape accusation, which fell apart.”

Kelly was referring to an MSNBC interview with Swetnick in which the accuser backtracked on some of her claims.

Just last week, Kelly and Avenatti feuded on Twitter — with the lawyer writing that Kelly “should be ashamed” of herself “for attacking my client, a sexual assault victim, without facts.”

The NBC host replied, “The #MeToo [movement] doesn’t shield accusers from tough [questions].”

Watch above, via NBC.

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