Megyn Kelly To Gloria Allred: It Seems Like You Might Have A Political Agenda

Taking a page from Greta Van Susteren‘s scathing Friday exchange with lawyer Gloria Allred Megyn Kelly got in on the act today.

Kelly took a slightly different approach, pressing Allred on who exactly had recommended the Nicky Diaz case to her: Was it a supporter of Dem. Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown? Allred declined to answer saying that in her three plus decades of lawyering she never disclosed who referred clients to her despite the fact it was not privileged information.

Kelly also seemed skeptical that Diaz’s complaints that Whitman and her family had mistreated her were valid and suggested the timing of Allred revealing the Social Security letter (background here), just after Whitman had publicly denied it, smacked of political agenda.

All in all it was not the heated exchange that Allred had with Van Susteren, that said, if Allred’s goal here is merely to muster as much press attention as possible then mission accomplished. Watch below.

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