Mike Birbiglia Discovers What It’s Like To Rob A Bank With Terry Gross In Hilarious Short Film

What’s it like to do a violent bank heist with NPR’s Terry Gross? Well, apparently it’s a lot like going on Fresh Air with NPR’s Terry Gross. That’s what Mike Birbiglia discovers in the new short film he made featuring the amazing title Fresh Air 2: 2Fresh 2Furious.

The film, which Birbiglia made for the This American Life Live special to promote the upcoming movie version of his book and long-running live show Sleepwalk with Me, begins with the conclusion of a normal Fresh Air interview. However, when a bored Birbiglia asks Gross to get a drink with him, things begin spiraling hilariously (but calmly) out of control. Eventually, Gross is giving him his first gun and reassuring him that, while he doesn’t know how to use it now, he didn’t know how to write a book until one day he did it.

God, her voice is soothing.

Check out the video below. And, by the way, happy 25th, Fresh Air!

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