Military Couple Relocates Wedding for Obama’s Golf Game


Well, this oughta go over well: a military couple planning to tie the knot on a golf course in Hawaii yesterday had to relocate the ceremony because a certain president wanted to play 18.

Per Bloomberg Politics’ Michael Bender, Army Captains Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr. invited President Barack Obama for the LULZ, knowing he spends his holidays on the island, and got a polite decline from the president. But only a few hours later the couple was informed following the rehearsal that the ceremony would have to be moved because of the president’s golf game.

“It was kind of ironic they got the letter from them and then, within hours, they were told they had to be moved due to him,” a family member said. “It was emotional, especially for her—she’s the bride and in less than 24 hours they had to change everything they had planned.”

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However it’s unclear whether Obama’s staff had been informed about the wedding prior to the golf game, and anybody with events on the course were told ahead of time of the possibility of rescheduling.

At any rate, the caterer said the couple ended up with a better, more secluded spot, and the bride’s sister said everything turned out fine:

“He apologized and congratulated them,” McCarthy said, adding that it was a “wonderful talk.”

“We were all there, it was perfect,” she said. “Made their day.”

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