Mitt Romney, Rupert Murdoch Convo Reportedly ‘Got Tongues a-Wagging’

Incredibly odd verbiage aside, Bloomberg Politics’s Mark Halperin reports that a private conversation between Mitt Romney and News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch is fueling speculation that the former Massachusetts governor may make a third run for president.

The conversation happened, according to Halperin, on Monday at a GOP fundraiser in New York. It was hosted by Romney and NFL Jets owner Woody Johnson. Attendees included New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Rand Paul.

The detail about the “most intriguing” Murdoch-Romney conversation comes in the very last paragraph of Halperin’s ridiculously worded report:

Perhaps that’s why the most intriguing moment of the evening came when Romney, in full view of onlookers, had a private pull aside with Rupert Murdoch. Despite the marked torpor of the event, that tete-a-tete got tongues a-wagging. To many members of the political class, and even to Romney’s reluctant ears, whispers of “third time’s a charm” have not yet been silenced.

Both Romney and his wife Ann have stated multiple times Mitt will not be running for president again, other than on the occasions they have also suggested he might actually run.

Murdoch has also been known to have little conversations with people like music producer Will.I.Am.

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