Most Americans Support David Petraeus’ Resignation, Gallup Poll Shows

According to a new Gallup poll, majority of Americans feel it was necessary for David Petraeus to resign. In the aftermath of the scandal surrounding his resignation from the position of CIA director, the poll shows that while Petraeus’ favorability did decline, most Americans still view him more favorably than unfavorably.

Fifty-one percent of respondents said it was necessary for him to resign, compared to 41 percent who said he should have kept his job. Eight percent expressed no opinion. Of those who said he should resign, 50 percent were Democrats, 49 percent were independents, and 56 percent were Republicans.

Petraeus’ favorability rating dropped by 15 points — with 40 percent of Americans viewing him favorably, compared to 30 percent viewing him unfavorably.

Per Gallup:

Gallup had measured Petraeus’ favorable rating five times prior, mostly when he was an active duty general overseeing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. His favorable rating ranged between 47% and 61% from 2007 to 2011, averaging 54%. Thus, the current 40% rating is his worst by a significant margin.

However, Petraeus’ image did not take as severe a hit as John Edwards or Tiger Woods after their extramarital affairs were uncovered. Both Edwards and Woods went from net-positive images to decidedly net-negative images.

While Petraeus’ “career in government now appears over after the revelation of his extramarital affair, and his public image has suffered as well,” Gallup notes that “Americans are more likely to view him positively than negatively, suggesting they may put more weight on his military and political service and accomplishments and less on personal scandal.”

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