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MSNBC’s Jake Soboroff: ‘I Don’t Have a Lot of Friends’

Someone needs a hug this hurricane season.

While on assignment Friday, on the windswept streets of Miami Beach, MSNBC’s Jake Soboroff was clearly having a good time, indulging in some man-on-the-street silliness.

One minute he was on the beach, the next zipping around in fire trucks. At one stop, Soboroff found a delightful old lady named Doris near a building who said she was waiting for her son to come rescue her as Hurricane Irma’s wrath approached.

During the exchange, Soboroff made the surprising confession that he didn’t have a lot of friends.

“You say a lot of people are going to stay here. How many people inside the building?” asked Soboroff

“20 people.” Doris responded.

“Do you think they’re going to be safe?” Soboroff continued.

“Safe?! With this hurricane. 185?! Nobody is safe.” Doris shot back.

“Are you worried about your friends, about your neighbors in your building,” the MSNBC reporter pressed.

“No I don’t have friends,” Doris snapped back without missing a beat, prompting some laughter.

“You don’t have friends?” said Soboroff “That’s like me. I don’t have a lot of friends either.”

… Sad face emojis all around.

Now it was evident throughout that Soboroff and this firefighter with him were’t 100% sure about this alleged son showing up.

But in the end he did — and everyone was friends.

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