comScore Mike Lindell 'MyPillow' Inventor: BBB May Have Lowered MyPillow Rating Over Trump Support

‘MyPillow’ Inventor Tells Mediaite: BBB May Have Lowered MyPillow Rating Over Trump Support

A few weeks ago, we posted about the Better Business Bureau lowering the rating of MyPillow — a product often featured in infomercials and other ads over the past few years — from an A+ to an F. The BBB said that the reason for the ratings drop was that the pillow has so often been advertised as “Buy One Get One Free” that the BBB deemed the offer to be the regular price. In the BBB’s judgment, any advertising touting the two for one deal to be special is deceptive. Hence the lower rating.

But the creator of MyPillow does not take that explanation at face value. He suspects there may be something more sinister afoot.

Mediaite‘s editorial producer J.D. Durkin caught up with Mike Lindell, the Minnesota-based inventor of MyPillow, in Washington on Thursday in advance of President-elect Donald Trump‘s Inauguration. Lindell, a prominent Trump supporter, believes politics may have played a role in the sudden, steep downgrade.

“It’s incredible,” Lindell said. “Either they did it for their own agenda — and I don’t know what that agenda is. People have said they’re political. Or is it just for them to get publicity?…I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Lindell says he was once “the BBB darling,” and claimed that his company received 230 complaints out of 25 million pillows sold.

Lindell said he met with Trump in August, and that the BBB began to change their tune on MyPillow in September. He met with BBB officials on Nov. 15, at which time he was told, despite a last-ditch appeal, MyPillow’s rating would be dropped from an A+ to a C.

But then the new rating was released, and it was actually an F.

“I actually thought, ‘Why?’ There’s gotta be something behind this,” Lindell said.

We’ve reached out to the Better Business Bureau for comment, and we will update if we get a response.

Watch the complete interview with Lindell above.

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UPDATE 9:25 a.m. ET FRIDAY: The Better Business Bureau has referred us to its previous statement on the matter, which can be found here

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