Napolitano on the Difference Between Obama and Trump: Obama Reported His Extrajudicial Drone Executions

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano negatively compared Donald Trump to Barack Obama on Friday amid discussions on which president acts within the written parameters of their constitutional authority.

In a broad-range interview with Reason’s Nick Gillespie, Napolitano was asked whether he thinks Trump adheres to the Constitution better than his predecessors. Napolitano answered that in terms of overreaching executive powers, Trump was “the same or worse” as the presidents who came before him.

“You tell me which is worse: Barack Obama using drones to kill people, no due process, no declaration of war, but reporting the killings [or] Trump using drones to kill people and not reporting the killings.”

Napolitano went on to say Trump hasn’t got America out of any international affairs yet despite his grumblings over “stupid wars.” He turned to the current unrest in Venezuela as an example, saying if Nicholas Maduro is forced out of power as the administration hopes, America will have to get involved in Venezuela’s recovery.

Watch above (start at 8:30), via Reason TV.

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