Neil deGrasse Tyson Offers Alternative Pledge of Allegiance, Provokes Mockery


Popular scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t often get outwardly political, but when he does it’s almost always controversial.

Earlier this week, Tyson offered his thoughts on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, telling the Daily Beast that homophobia “almost always entirely stems from religion” and that the state’s religious legislators should remind themselves that other people have different belief systems that might contradict theirs.

And on Thursday, he tweeted an alternative version of the Pledge of Allegiance:

As you might expect, this provoked some heavy mockery and ire on Twitter, especially from prominent conservative writers:

The latter of those three examples — The Federalist publisher Sean Davis — is perhaps best-known in this context for having exposed multiple instances in which Tyson fabricated quotes he attributed to former President George W. Bush.

Rather than respond to his Twitter critics about the alt-pledge, Tyson simply added some more thoughts on Indiana’s RFRA:

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