Nerdprom 2013 Photos: Inside The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Pre-And-Post Parties


Washington, DC is often referred to as “Hollywood for ugly people,” but for at least one night of the year, we are Cinderella, and Hollywood’s collective Prince Charming stalks us with a glass slipper (and a Dothraki horde of photographers). In recent years, the White House Correspondents Dinner (or “Nerdprom,” as everyone calls it, even though they hate the name) has become a feast for celeb-watchers and wonk-worshippers alike, and while this year’s wattage slipped a little from previous years, the bedfellows were as strange, and interesting, as ever. Anyone with a cable box can watch President Obama and Conan O’Brien yuk it up, but we take you where C-Span fears to tread: inside the open bar and finger food-fueled pre- and post-parties.

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This year, as in previous years, I was a guest of CNN for the pre-dinner reception, which was as jam-packed as ever. However, I did see fewer of the colleagues that I usually catch up with at these things, and I believe this is the first event of any kind at which I did not run into Mike Calderone. Things were better, on that front, at the MSNBC After Party. Both featured only the finest in finger-foods and open bars, but MSNBC had the added perk of Rachel Maddow behind the bar once again. Highlights of the night included my first-ever meeting with a Supreme Court justice, a photo-op with former Breaking Bad baddie Giancarlo Esposito, a brush with Hammer Time greatness, and catching up with good friends, over free drinks and cigars. Check out the slide show for more photos and notes on the festivities:

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