New MSNBC Ad Campaign Frames Morning Joe as Place to Get Breaking Trump News


It looks like MSNBC is going to use the reputation of its flagship morning program as being extremely cozy with the incoming POTUS as a selling point.

A new ad campaign by the network is framing Morning Joe, hosted by Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, as the place to get breaking news as it relates to Donald Trump’s administration.

In a commercial that is currently running, numerous clips are shown of Scarborough being the first to report on something related to Trump. It also shows images of the White House and Trump Tower throughout.

Politico also noted that a print ad is being run referencing the recent news of Trump’s reluctance to take daily briefings.

A print ad went even further — a photo of Scarborough and Brzezinski with the words “Daily intelligence briefings happen here.”

During Trump’s GOP primary campaign, Morning Joe was slammed by media critics over what was seen as too much positive coverage of Trump and an unbalanced amount of time devoted to him, including lengthy interview appearances. There was also the Trump town hall the MJ duo hosted, which was seen as too cozy, especially after a hot mic caught Trump requesting easy questions from the two.

Following Trump nabbing the GOP nomination, the relationship between the hosts and GOP nominee became tense, with Trump taking shots at both on Twitter and complaining about unfair coverage. The current President-elect even threatened to spill the beans on the hosts’ rumored romantic relationship.

However, things appear to be back on friendly ground since Trump won the election, with the Morning Joe duo apparently now enjoying a direct line to Trump’s inner circle, leading to Scarborough’s scoops and Brzezinski speaking on the phone with Trump and revealing that his comments about nukes were about getting into an arms race.

Watch the commercial above, via MSNBC.

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