Newt Gingrich Gets Butchered For Wildly Wrong Assessment of Trump’s Rise and Timing


The love fest has continued between former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and the presumptive nominee of his party, Donald Trump.

Just months after Gingrich declared, “Trump will tower over all of them,” and two weeks after his formal endorsement, the praising spilled over onto social media. Yesterday Gingrich took to Twitter to share an achievement of Trump’s regarding his meteoric rise to the top:

That on its own makes for a very erudite and neatly packaged factoid that sounds like something Al Franken would nail in Double Jeopardy.

Unfortunately, it’s not even remotely true.

PolitiFact didn’t have to roll up their sleeves too much to track down information to the contrary. They write, “…the speed at which Trump went from his announcement at Trump Tower to becoming the GOP standard bearer isn’t a remarkable achievement.”

PolitiFact continued:

Trump announced his candidacy for president June 16, 2015, in New York, and officially clinched the GOP nomination May 26, 2016, after 29 unbound delegates said they would support Trump.

That’s a span of 346 days, if you include May 26.

We didn’t have too look too far to find shorter spans for non-incumbents.

The immediacy of the short-list demonstrates just how frequent the “remarkable achievement” has been duplicated or bested. John Kerry in 2004 (246 days), George W. Bush in 2000 (278), Al Gore in 2000 (274), and Bob Dole in 1996 (345 — one day fewer than Trump’s).

Bill Clinton in 1992 bested the field, needing only 244 days according to PolitiFact to go from announcement to nomination clinch. They conclude, “Whatever Gingrich was trying to say, it didn’t come out quite right.” Their rating of Gingrich’s claim?

Pants on Fire, of course. It wasn’t long until others took notice as well:

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