Martin Shkreli Endorses Trump, Promptly Gets Flocked by Fake Trumps and Twitter Trolls


Martin-ShkreliIt seems that “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli has not only forgiven Donald Trump for insulting him, he’s endorsed the mogul for president. The former CEO gave Trump his vote of confidence on Thursday, and its led to Shkreli getting barraged by sarcastic questions and internet trolls.

Shkreli’s choice for the next president is an interesting one, especially since Trump once called him a “spoiled brat” when asked about his infamous price-gouging. Vanity Fair did a profile on Shkreli not long afterwards, where he responded to Trump with a “f*ck” him. Shkreli later tried to donate to Bernie Sanders, but the senator rejected his offer.

Shkreli usually passes the time these days by going back and forth between being an online rabble-rouser and waiting for his securities fraud trial to conclude. His latest tweets, however, show him getting political.

Shkreli retweeted and responded to some messages showing a positive reaction to his endorsement:

On the whole though, it seems like Shkreli took on a wave of online pranksters, fake Trump accounts, and miscellaneous trolls.

Even when people pointed out that he was talking with fake Trump accounts, Shkreli went on unfazed for a while.

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