No, the Media Is Not Ignoring Obama’s Wedding-Canceling Golf Game


Over the weekend, President Barack Obama’s Hawaiian vacation golf schedule forced a military couple to relocate their wedding ceremony with less than 24 hours notice. The president, who had actually been symbolically invited to the wedding but declined, ended up calling the couple of apologize.

“They were thrilled and so excited” by the phone call, one of the bride’s friends told CNN, adding, “It’s not a negative thing. The wedding party proceeded to post photos on Instagram using the hashtag “#thanksobama14.”

As predicted, conservatives are up in arms, even though the president was reportedly not informed that his game would cause the problem it did. Right-wing blogger Erick Erickson summed up his outrage with this tweet:

But is the story really being under-covered by the media? On a slow, mid-holidays news day, it appears to be just about everywhere online, with a Google News search returning more than 150 articles about it by Monday afternoon.

Following Bloomberg Politics’ original report Monday morning, conservative sites like The Washington Times and PJ Media started writing about it, followed by Mediaite, The Hill, the Washington Post and even Cosmopolitan.

While Breitbart and National Review were certainly represented, there were also stories from BuzzFeed, Time magazine and other outlets that could hardly be considered biased towards the right. There was even the requisite outrage satire from Wonkette.

Below is a sampling of tweets and headlines from the “mainstream media”:

As of 5:00 p.m. Monday, CNN had done a segment about the Hawaii wedding cancelation. MSNBC hadn’t mentioned it yet, but then again, neither had Fox. While conservatives may think the media is trying to bury this embarrassing story for Obama, if anything, they are showing how starved for news they are by over-covering it.

Watch the CNN segment below:

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