‘Not Everybody Is a Fan’: Alisyn Camerota Corners Lewandowski About CNN Hiring Controversy


Last week, CNN sent shockwaves through the political media world when the net announced that it had hired former — and firedDonald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to serve as an on-air contributor. To say that the embattled Lewandowski was bringing in some baggage describes the situation lightly; Page Six reported on Friday that people at Turner were “revolting” over the situation, noting, “Female reporters and producers especially… They are organizing and considering publicly demanding,” that Lewandowski get released.

Add on top the fact that Lewandowski likely signed some sort of non-disparagement agreement with his former boss (though he won’t confirm this detail) and his first few days at CNN has been anything but smooth.

On Monday morning’s New Day, stalwart host Alisyn Camerota hit Lewandowski head-on with the claim that not everyone in the building was thrilled with Jeff Zucker‘s decision to bring on the man who once faced assault charges for grabbing a female reporter. “Corey, I wanted to quickly ask you,” began Camerota, “there’s been a lot of reaction to CNN hiring you as a contributor.”

Camerota continued:

“I don’t know if you’re heard about some of the reaction, turns out not everybody is a fan of the decision. And I think that the crux of that criticism is that I think you never seemed to be a big fan of the press or have much respect for the press. Why did you have such strange relations during your time there — with the Trump campaign — with the press do you think?”

“I had great relationships with the press!” countered Lewandowski. “I love everybody! I love you, right?”

Camerota reminded the network’s newest contributor that his former campaign regularly threatened media outlets with “blacklist” status for overstepping boundaries.

Lewandowski then seemed to respond less as a network contributor, and more as a former toxic campaign manager now defending himself in hindsight. And in a one-liner response that could serve as a great question in a Did-Trump-or-Lewandowski-Say-It Trivia Game, he responded, “I have a great relationships with the press. I have a lot of friends at all the networks.”

While dishing off to the start of the next segment, CNN’s Victor Blackwell joked, “Corey hearts Alisyn. Let’s not bury the lede there,” to heavy laughs from the off-camera production staff.

Watch the above exchange from CNN.

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