Now Heineken Is Getting Into the Highly-Political Ad Game


This is how it’s done. This week, Heineken released its new ad, “Worlds Apart,” as part of their campaign called #OpenYourWorld. The ad features pairs of people who have some diametrically opposed views on climate change, transgender rights, and feminism. When the pairs first meet, they don’t know they have these differences. The question this experiment aims to answer is, “Can two strangers with opposing views prove that there’s more that unites than divides us?”

After completing a few tasks and conversing a bit, the pair is shown videos, where each sees the other take a side on a topic. Once they’ve both seen the videos, they have two choices: walk away, or talk about it over a beer. Everyone picks beer.

The ad has been incredibly well-received:

Recently, Pepsi also made a #Resistance-themed ad that did not go over well. At all. Clearly Heineken’s version gets it right.

Watch the video above, via Henieken.

[image via screen grab]

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