NY Times Catches Flak For Spiking Audio Interview With Stephen Miller: ‘Pathetic’

The New York Times is receiving a mix of criticism and confusion after deciding not to use audio from an interview with President Donald Trump‘s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller because the White House reportedly would not allow it.

Adweek reporter Josh Sternberg tweeted Tuesday that the decision was made once the administration realized the recording would be played in a podcast, and decided it was not comfortable with it being used.

Julie Davis, one of the Times reporters who conducted the interview two weeks ago, explained it was “for our piece on the evolution of the family separation tactic” on which The Daily chose to do an episode after the fact. “WH would not allow audio to be used,” she added.

Varied reactions quickly began surfacing from reporters, writers and others, who wondered what had occurred behind the scenes. Some lashed out in anger while others appeared mystified, the FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver suggesting it was possibly the an example of trade-offs within the media industry.

While The Daily’s podcast episode did not include audio of Miller, it discussed the conversation he had with the reporters.

Update: The Times‘ Communications Department issued the following statement regarding the matter via Twitter Tuesday:

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