NY Times Reporter Live-Tweets His Chicago Megabus’ Explosion


A writer for New York TimesFrugal Traveler blog got more than he bargained for when his trip turned into a live account of how his bus blew up.

Lucas Peterson was traveling on a Megabus outside of Chicago earlier today, when his live-tweets captured the trip taking a very unusual turn:

While that might be enough to be called a bad trip by itself, things didn’t really get much better.

and then…

In an accompanying statement on Twitter, Peterson described how the bus pulled over on the highway after one of the tires blew as they headed back to Chicago. The passengers got off when the vehicle started smoking, and while no one was hurt, most of the luggage was lost in the inferno.

A replacement bus was dispatched to pick up the travelers, but Peterson noted that a lot of people were angry when they looked up Megabus’ liability policy.

In the end, another bus did come and the travelers made it to Milwaukee without further incident.

[h/t Business Insider]
[Image via Twitter]

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