Winter is Trumping

YouTube Mash-Up Proves Donald Trump Fits Right In On Game of Thrones

PicMonkey Collage - Game of ThronesHBO’s Game of Thrones is littered with themes of political strife, tension among nations, and the pursuit of power at all costs. That said, some might ask which U.S. presidential candidate would be best suited for the continent of Westeros. According to satirist Huw Parkinson, that candidate is Donald Trump.

Seeing as how Trump loves talking about the great deals he makes and how he will keep Muslims and illegal immigrants out, the video begins with Trump’s face superimposed on a rich merchant as he refuses to let Daenerys Targaryen and her followers into Qarth. “We have a serious problem with radical Islam. We have a tremendous problem and we can’t be the stupid country any more,” Trump says in a recycled soundbite on his plan to ban Muslims.

The rest of the video shows Trump in his element: blasting his critics, boasting about all the support he has, and, of course, fortifying the Wall against the Mexicans White Walkers.

Watch above, via Parkinson’s YouTube account.

[image via screengrab]

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