OK Go Somehow Still Manages to Delight and Shock Us With New Video Filmed in Zero-G


OK Go! — the Los Angeles-based collective that has brought the art of the music video to new heights with a series of brazen, beautiful, flawlessly executed releases — has done it again.

The group released a new video for their song “Upside Down and Inside Out” Thursday, which features the foursome floating and flying through the cabin of an airliner. No wires or green screens were used the filming, we are assured.

Zero gravity! But apparently, the bookish folks over at PopSci decided they just had to damper the internet’s delight: “Contrary to the video’s introduction, this was not shot in zero gravity,” they explain.

Gravity is everywhere, as today’s big announcement about gravity waves made clear. We can’t just get rid of it by flying in a plane. What we can do is make it so that we don’t feel the effects of gravity. That’s called zero-G, and while you’re in it, you feel weightless, as though there is zero gravity.

In order to get zero G here on Earth, pilots can fly in a parabola, accelerating at a steep angle into the sky, then diving back downwards. For about thirty seconds at the top of each parabola, passengers will experience zero G, and are free to make amazing music videos. In order to get this video, BGR reportsthat the band went on 21 flights and were weightless for two hours and 15 minutes.

What is beyond explanation, however, is how these guys manage to keep defying expectations and blowing our minds with some of the most insane, impressive feats of choreography and camerawork we’ve ever seen. Take a time out from reality and a trip down memory lane with some of OK Go’s previous videos:

“I Won’t Let You Down” (2014)

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