Oliver Stone, Stephen Colbert Spar Over The Putin Interviews: ‘What Is Wrong With Detente?’

Director Oliver Stone spoke with Stephen Colbert on Monday’s Late Show, and responded to critics who have said that he was too soft on Vladimir Putin during his recent docs-series on the Russian President.

The Putin Interviews is a four-part series that premiered on Monday, and follows a collection of interviews Stone did with Putin from 2015 to 2017. Stone insists that he was trying to keep things civil over the past two years, though Colbert challenged Stone by asking if he got too “cozy” with Putin and didn’t challenge him enough over his regime’s practices.

“You have to be polite, because it was a two-year deal. To catch up with him, he has a busy schedule,” Stone replied. “It’s politeness, it’s curiosity, and it’s the way you ask the questions. I think he respected me and he respected my work and he knew I would give him a fair hearing.”

Colbert was particularly concerned that Stone allowed Putin to “propagandize” when he didn’t press the president over his continued insistence that Russia never interfered with the 2016 election. Stone insisted that viewers will have a chance to see him get tough on Putin, but as he continued to speak glowingly about the Russian president, Colbert eventually asked Stone if there was anything negative to be said about Putin.

“What is wrong with detente with Russia?” Stone asked in apparent annoyance. The conversation quickly turned into a debate about President Trump‘s rosy relationship with the Russian leader, as well as Putin’s oppressive policies.

Watch above, via CBS.

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