Parents Outraged After Theater Shows Explicit Clip Instead Disney Film

Families attending the screening of new Disney animated film Frozen this weekend wound up making for the exits, after a Regal Cinemas theater in Tampa, FL aired an explicit sex scene rather than a preview cartoon.

Technical difficulties had delayed the start of the movie, so the theater ran an animated clip instead. That’s when it all went wrong.

“They put in the filler, it looked like ‘Steamboat Willie,’ the old Mickey Mouse cartoon, and then all of a sudden it goes into this other scene,” said Lynn Greene, who had taken her grandchildren to the movie. “It seemed like forever when you’re trying to, you know, cover a little guy’s eyes. I didn’t have enough hands to cover his ears too and he got the sound down real good.”

A manager for Regal, who later said the theater had accidentally played the wrong film, quickly apologized and offered free tickets to the outraged crowd.

The Blaze collected some of the social media response, which ranged from the understanding to the appalled.

One person alleged the clip had been played on purpose, perhaps by an “immature” employee:

Watch a clip below, via Fox News Tampa:

[h/t WTVT]

[Image via screengrab]

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