Paul Ryan Dismisses Breitbart: My Three Certainties Are ‘Death, Taxes, and Attacks From Breitbart’


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told reporters during an interview hosted by the Associated Press on Wednesday that he has “three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and attacks from Breitbart.”

The comments, flagged by Business Insider, come as Breitbart declares #WAR against establishment Republicans in Congress who the right-wing website sees as working to stifle President Donald Trump’s agenda — and Ryan has long been chief amongst their targets.

Breitbart’s blustery saber-rattling against Republican lawmakers was renewed after Steve Bannon was dumped from his gig as White House chief strategist after just 8 months on the job, and rode back to the website on landslide of self-promotion.

But it seems Ryan is taking Breitbart’s threats in stride. The Wisconsin congressman was asked by AP’s Erica Werner whether he thought Breitbart was a “positive or negative force” in politics, to which Ryan replied cautiously: “I’m not going to mess with that.”

“I just don’t pay attention to this stuff,” he said. “It really just doesn’t get to me anymore.”

“I don’t even pay attention to what they do,” Ryan continued. “So to be honest with you, Erica, I don’t even know what they do, so I can’t answer your question because it doesn’t matter to me.”

Ryan also said: “I’ve got three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and attacks from Breitbart.”

“That’s just something I’ve learned to live with in my life.”

You can watch above, via NBC News.

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