Pentagon Pulls Video Posted After Yemen Raid After Reports the Video Was 10 Years Old


Video touted by the Pentagon as valuable intel obtained in the recent Yemen raid turned out to be 10-year-old video, and the Pentagon subsequently pulled it.

The raid, which the Pentagon says resulted in 14 al Qaeda fighters being taken out, also resulted in the death of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens.

The White House has received criticism for the raid––with the word “botched” being tossed around––but the mission had been planned under President Obama.

The Pentagon released video touting intelligence they said they were able to collect in the raid. Reuters has a description of what was in those videos:

One of the five short clips released by the U.S. Central Command shows a man in a lab coat and a black mask in front of a white board talking about how to “destroy the cross with explosives,” according to the translation in the video.

It then cuts to a clip of unidentified liquids being mixed in a scientific beaker, and ends with some material catching fire and a small explosion.”The videos released today are samples of a series of detailed, do-it-yourself lessons intended for aspiring terrorist bomb-makers and included an exhortation to use those techniques to attack the West,” an accompanying statement from Central Command said.

But the videos were taken down because, as it turns out, they were 10 years old and already available online (though they were recovered in Yemen).

Per CNN:

The video was pulled because “we didn’t want to make it appear that we were trying to pass off old video,” said US Central Command spokesman Col. John Thomas. The mistake was due “to our lack of having time to properly analyze it.”

“We were trying to provide an example of some of the things recovered on the raid,” Thomas said.

A Pentagon spokesman did note, “It does not matter when the video was made. It is still illustrative of who they are and what their intentions are.”

You can watch Fox News’ report above.

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