PETA Draws Outrage for Handing Out Pics of Mutilated Cows to Elementary Schoolers

Students at the Calabash Elementary School in Woodland, California were in for quite the treat when a baby cow came to campus for a lesson about dairy farming, but the day’s festivities were marred by PETA handing out a comic to the kids that contained some pretty graphic depictions of animal cruelty. Parents are saying their children have been scarred and are considering taking legal action.

One parent explained that her daughter “saw pictures of baby cows being electrocuted, factory farms with machetes,” while another said the images showed “mutilated cows, infected cows, cows being dehorned,” and the kids were very freaked out by seeing all this. One PETA representative said it was “just a mistake” in distribution, as they didn’t mean to give those images to children.

After the site HotAir reported on the uproar, PETA official David Perle sent them a statement explaining that it wasn’t the content of the comics themselves that was troublesome, it was leaflets, meant for adults, “that were mistakenly put inside of those child-friendly comic books.”

Watch KCAL’s report on the incident below:

[h/t HotAir]

[photo via screengrab]

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