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Photos Emerge of East Cleveland’s Cross-Dressing Mayor

Mator_oopsWhen does a local election become a national story? When photos emerge that depict the alleged mayor in woman’s lingerie. Late last week racy pictures emerged of a man wearing women’s lingerie and makeup and were leaked to various media outlets in the Cleveland metropolitan area.

The anonymous person who sent them claims they are of East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer, who will not say whether the pictures are of him. However, Brewer is actively keeping the story in the headlines with his own investigation of who released the incriminating pictures.

At a news conference last week, Brewer said “My opponent and his supporters, along with members of the East Cleveland police department, have circulated pictures they have claimed to be of me throughout the city.”

Brewer sent a letter to all city employees, demanding they give statements about what they know about the photos, also claiming members of his own police force sent the racy photos to the media.

Mayor Brewer appears rather vigilant in getting to the bottom of how the photos were leaked, which keeps the story in the headlines, both locally and it would appear nationally.

Cleveland’s Fox8 News reports:

Brewer’s memo orders anyone associated with the photos to give a statement to a deputy prosecuting attorney. It says they must “identify the name of the elected or appointed official who either provided them with a copy or showed them pictures of obscene material on city property and on city time.”

He wants to know where the offense occurred, the date and time, and whether they were shown or given the pictures… the deadline was 1:00 Friday afternoon.

“Instead of enforcing state laws that prohibit the dissemination of obscene materials, I have been informed that members of the East Cleveland police department, along with the chief of police, were actively engaged in their dissemination,” Brewer said Thursday.

Brewer says the memo is also “being provided to the US Postal Inspector with a request for an investigation.” The mayor claims officers are retaliating because he is cracking down on police misconduct and was about to ask for a federal investigation of the force.


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