Piers Morgan Says Muhammad Ali ‘Said Far More Racist Things Than Donald Trump’


Piers Morgan (1)When the world is mourning the death of a towering, legendary black figure in American history, in world history, what’s the appropriate way for a prominent media voice to respond? If you’re British click-whore Piers Morgan, you compare Muhammad Ali to Donald Trump. Unfavorably. On the subject of racism. In a grotesque attempt to pimp his grave-robbing column on Ali, Morgan posted a series of tweets asserting that Muhammad Ali was worse than the presumptive Republican presidential nominee when it comes to “racist” statements:

The rest of Twitter was quick to offer Morgan a tall glass of all-American Shut Up juice:

The ever-classy Morgan has now resorted to using the late Muhammad Ali as a human shield against his critics:

Be sure to check out Morgan’s column on the life and death of Muhammad Ali never.

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