PolitiFact Disproves Limbaugh’s Claim MSNBC ‘Went Off Air’ to Concoct Michael Brown Story


PunditFact, a division of PolitiFact, rated as false Rush Limbaugh’s claim that MSNBC went off the air to reconfigure its narrative after the release of a surveillance tape showing Michael Brown engaged in a “strong arm robbery” of a convenience store.

In the minutes after the video was released, Limbaugh said, MSNBC “practically went off the air for a while to have behind-closed-doors meetings to figure out how to deal with this new revelation,” arguing that it “took the wind” out of the mainstream media’s narrative. The claim was made twice during Limbaugh’s show that day.

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PunditFact tracked the staggered release of the video throughout the day of August 15 and determined that not only did MSNBC not shut down but it beat the other networks in airing the video, and did not even take commercial breaks as it replayed and discussed the video on air:

MSNBC was actually the first of the three cable networks to show the full video of Brown in the convenience store. It also aired all three press conferences that day, and for longer than either CNN or Fox News. There were no longer-than-usual commercial breaks and certainly no extended commercials or infomercials as Limbaugh’s comments suggest. In fact, MSNBC was on air for 54 straight minutes after first airing the surveillance video.

PunditFact even made a table comparing the three networks’ coverage, which seems like a lot of work to debunk what was clearly a bananapants claim. At any rate, it was false.

Listen ye below, via Daily RushBo (that rhymed!):

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