Poll Shows Majority of Americans Aren’t Confident Trump Can Handle International Crisis

trump76A recent poll by Gallup reveals that the American public isn’t all that sold on President-elect Donald Trump’s ability to handle the duties of his soon-to-be office.

Using a sample size of over a thousand adults and conducted December 7-11, the survey found that only 46% of respondents feel confident Trump can handle an international crisis. And this was before his recent tweets about the United Nations, Israel and North Korea, among other foreign policy issues.

Another question that was asked was if Trump could prevent major scandals in his administration. Only 44% said that they were confident he could. For comparison’s sake, the average for the incoming Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations was 76% confidence.

Another area where Trump was unable to get even a slight majority to express confidence in him was regarding whether he’d use military force wisely, with only 47% feeling he would.

The area where voters felt most confident in Trump was his ability to work effectively with Congress to get things done, with 60% stating their confidence in him. Of course, Trump is going into office with Republicans holding power in both the House of Representatives and Senate.

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