President’s Uncle Onyango Obama Facing Deportation Back To Kenya

One day after President Obama delivered a major address on immigration, his uncle has received a hearing date that will determine whether he is allowed to stay in the United States.

The Boston Globe is reporting that an immigration judge in Massachusetts has set Onyango Obama‘s hearing date at December 3rd, 2013.

The president’s father’s half-brother, now 68, lived and worked undocumented as a liquor store manager for decades in Framingham, Massachusetts before getting arrested on drunk driving charges in 2011. He famously asked to “call the White House” while in custody for that charge.

While there is no evidence that Onyango Obama’s relation to the president has provided him with special treatment, the Globe notes that he was “released from immigration detention quickly after his arrest, despite the outstanding deportation order, and then secured a federal work permit and a state hardship driver’s license, since his own was temporarily revoked, so that he could return to work at a liquor store.”

With his hearing more than eleven months away, Onyango Obama will no doubt be watching his powerful nephew’s progress on the immigration issue closely.

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