Professor At Messiah College: Obama May Be ‘Most Explicitly Christian President In American History’

President Obama has received criticism regarding his faith on numerous occasions. Most recently, his health care program’s contraception mandate sparked scrutiny about religious freedom and his relationship with the Catholic Church. Messiah College professor John Fea, however, sees things differently.

In a column on, Fea said Obama “offered people of faith much promise in 2008,” and though he has failed to deliver, “there is still hope.” Beginning with “would you vote for a man who…,” Fea poses a series of questions including: “…gives praise and honor to God before a public audience? ” and “…claims that his Christian faith motivates him as a leader?”

He goes on to write:

Obama may be the most explicitly Christian president in American history. If we analyze his language in the same way that historians examine the religious language of the Founding Fathers or even George W. Bush, we will find that Obama’s piety, use of the Bible, and references to Christian faith and theology put most other American presidents to shame on this front. I think there may be good reasons why some people will not vote for Obama in November, but his commitment to Christianity is not one of them.

Fea does acknowledge those who have criticized him, citing it as a political problem (not a religious one):

Not all evangelicals like the way Obama has talked about how his Christian faith connects with his politics. But such disagreements are too often based more on politics than Christian faith.

Finally, despite his defense of the president, Fea states Obama’s “handling of the recent contraception issue was a disaster” — and that “he missed a wonderful opportunity to explain his health care proposal.”

Fea offers a perspective that approaches criticism of Obama differently than some of what has been circulating in the media. A second term, he says, will show if Obama truly leans toward a faith-based vision or a secular one.

(h/t The Blaze)

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