Protesters Try To Put Karl Rove Under Citizen’s Arrest

Does anyone else think it strange that Karl Rove makes public appearances with no security? Rove was chased from his own book signing yesterday in Beverly Hills by some determined Code Pink protesters who heckled the former Bush adviser, calling him a liar, and a war criminal. At one point a woman wielding handcuffs attempted to make a citizen’s arrest of Rove, who was there to promote his book…Courage and Consequences. Nevertheless, Rove, who was without security, didn’t go quietly when faced with this particular set of consequences. According to the report below he engaged a number of the protesters accusing them of being perfect examples of the “intolerance of the left.”

This is not the first time Code Pink has made itself loudly known to former Bush administration officials. Last spring at the White House Corespondents Dinner they chased Donald Rumsfeld (who also appeared to be without security) through the crowded lobby of the Washington Hilton.

What is perhaps most interesting about the video below, however, is that not a single person in the audience appears to be concerned enough about Rove’s safety to bother standing up in his defense.

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