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Rachel Dolezal’s Brothers Speak Out On Sister’s ‘Blackface’ Makeup and Strange Actions

PicMonkey Collage - dolezalRachel Dolazel‘s family relationship grows stranger. A series of Washington Post phone interviews with Dolazel’s brothers revealed that she is indeed white, and they have had their own experiences with their sister’s antics.

Ezra Dolezal compared his sister’s make up and acts to conceal her race to blackface. “Back in the early 1900s, what she did would be considered highly racist,” he said. “You really should not do that. It’s completely opposite – she’s basically creating more racism.”

Zach Dolezal said that he was forbidden to bring up their parents the last time he visited his sister, and called Rachel’s Facebook reference to a black couple as their parents as “a farce…I can understand hairstyles and all that,” he said, “saying her brother is her son, I don’t understand that.”

Indeed, Izaiah Dolezal, Rachel’s youngest brother, lives with his sister. Ezra said that when she withdrew from the family, she alleged abuse and claimed custody over her brother, referring to Izaiah as her son.

Ezra reiterated what his parents said about how the family does not speak with his sister, but alleged that “[Rachel] turned Izaiah kind of racist. Told Izaiah all this stuff about white people, made him really racist toward white people.”

When Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal spoke on Friday, they affirmed their parentage of Rachel, while addressing their own confusion over why their daughter is pretending to be African-American. Dolezal’s father told The Post that ever since Rachel got involved in social justice activism at Howard University, “she assimilated into that culture so strongly that that’s where she transferred her identity.”

Ruthanne also said that Rachel’s actions on behalf of the NAACP would have been more meaningful and effective “if she had just been honest with everybody.”

You can see Rachel Dolezal speak at an anti-racism rally here, via the Washington Post:

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