Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Ends with Record-Smashing $6.4 Million

As of 3 PM EST today, LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow Kickstarter raised $5,408,210 million dollars with 105,846 people donating to the cause — a new record for Kickstarter. An additional donation from Seth MacFarlane brings the total to roughly $6.4 million.

The Kickstarter was already notable for smashing its initial fundraising goal of $1 million in a single day, but in the weeks that followed, celebrity endorsements, plum prize packages, and uncynically positive media coverage helped the campaign raise nearly six and a half times the amount they’d hoped for.

Not only will the money go towards creating a web and mobile app version of Reading Rainbow, it will also help build a classroom version of the popular TV show. What’s more, the show will distribute the program for free to over 9,500 classrooms.

And yes, you can still pledge to the campaign by clicking here (and yes, you’ll also be eligible for cool stuff like a Reading Rainbow tote bag.)

(Also, fun note: LeVar Burton will be filming a video with Donald Glover on a boat to thank his supporters.)

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