Report: Obama Signed A Secret Order Authorizing Support For Libyan Rebels

Despite stating in his speech earlier this week that the U.S.’s involvement in Libya is “narrowly focused on saving lives,” (a fact that was disputed in the AP’s assessment of the President’s speech), it has been revealed that Barack Obama signed a secret order authorizing military support for Libyan rebels combating Gaddafi and his forces.

Four government sources familiar with the matter have revealed that Obama signed the order – known as a “finding” – sometime within the past two or three weeks. Such measures are often used by the Commander in Chief to authorize secret operations by the CIA.

Earlier, the AP noted that, despite Obama’s emphasis on aiding civilians, recent air strikes in Libya have done much to help rebel troops advance on their targets. And, inn an interviews with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer earlier this week, Obama noted that it is “fair to say that if we wanted to get weapons into Libya, we probably could. We’re looking at all our options at this point.”

h/t Huffington Post

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