Reporter: Weiner’s Behavior Would ‘Prompt a Child Welfare Investigation’ If He Weren’t Rich

Anthony WeinerPolitico’s Glenn Thrush had harsh words for former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner after he apparently sent a picture of himself physically aroused while laying in bed with his son, calling it behavior that would have prompted child welfare investigations if he weren’t wealthy.

“Having covered child welfare in New York City– and now what I’m going to say is probably a little bit controversial. I covered child welfare and foster care in New York City. That kind of thing would, in a low-income family, prompt a child welfare investigation,” he said on The Hugh Hewitt Show Monday.

“I mean that bringing a kid and having a kid even peripherally involved in anything like that is absolutely stomach-churning. And I think we’ve gone from this being funny to this being pathological and really, really creepy,” he continued.

“I just think– I just sort of wonder how this guy can get up every morning and face the world,” Thrush concluded. “I just don’t understand how you keep doing this thing over and over again.”

Listen above, via The Hugh Hewitt Show.

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