Rick Wilson: Surprised Scaramucci Didn’t Lift Up His Shirt and ‘Show Us His MAGA Tramp Stamp’


Following the announcement of Anthony Scaramucci‘s appointment as White House communications director and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s resignation, Scaramucci addressed reporters at the White House press briefing today. During the presser, Scaramucci absolutely gushed over President Donald Trump, expressing how much he admired the president and his policies over and over.

In a CNN panel discussion following the briefing, Republican strategist and outspoken Trump critic Rick Wilson couldn’t help but to mock the new comms director for his over-the-top comments and actions.

“He’s playing to an audience of one,” Wilson noted. “And he declared his love so many times, I’m surprised he didn’t pull the back of his shirt up to show us his MAGA tramp stamp.”

He added, “The guy clearly wanted to make sure that Donald Trump had a very, very, sharp clear message that his loyalty was absolute because that’s obviously the currency of the realm.”

Wilson went on to say that while Trump probably likes that Scaramucci looks like a “slick New York banker” and the Wall Street financier presents himself in a certain way, it would be wise to wait until he “collides with reality” before judging him in this new role.

Fellow panelist Jason Miller, a former Trump spokesperson, countered by launching into a bit of a filibuster about how great he thinks the hiring is. After ending his mini-monologue by claiming everyone got a “big boost of energy” from Scaramucci’s presser performance, anchor Jake Tapper poured a bit of cold water Miller’s declaration.

“Well, let’s not go crazy — it wasn’t the original cast of Hamilton,” Tapper dryly noted as the rest of the panel laughed.

Watch the segment above, via CNN.

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