Roger Stone Planning ‘Massive, Peaceful, Nonviolent Protest’ at RNC

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.34.07 PMSpeaking to radio host Joe Piscopo Monday morning on AM 970 The Answer, Trump ally Roger Stone touted his plan to lead a “largest outdoor massive, peaceful, nonviolent protest in Cleveland history” at the Republican National Convention this July.

“What happens outside the convention is just as important as what happens inside,” Stone said. “Our votes matter.”

Stone was referring to the Stop The Steal, a protest effort to oppose the efforts of the “Bush-Cruz-Rubio-Romney-Ryan-McConnell faction” from denying Donald Trump the Republican nomination. On Piscopo’s show, Stone directed listeners to, which prescribes: “We must express our rage over the hijacking of democracy. We must dominate Cleveland.”

Stone has caught some heat lately for enjoining Trump’s supporters to confront delegates at the convention, promising that he would reveal their hotel room numbers. Though he subsequently published an op-ed in Breitbart clarifying his position: “Violence would be counterproductive to Trump’s general election drive,” he wrote.

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