Peter King Clarifies His Involvement in Muslim Ban Talks: ‘Rudy Is Confusing Two Different Meetings’


On Monday morning, New York Congressman Peter King attempted to clarify comments made by Rudy Giuliani this weekend about the genesis for President Donald Trump‘s immigration ban on Muslim-majority countries, which the former Gotham Mayor spoke about at length on Fox News.

Giuliani told Judge Jeanine Pirro Saturday:

“I’ll tell you the whole history of it: When he first announced it, he said ‘Muslim ban.’ He called me up, he said, ‘Put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally.'” I put a commission together with Judge Mukasey, with Congressman McCaul, Pete King, a whole group of other very expert lawyers on this. And what we did was we focused on, instead of religion — danger. The areas of the world that create danger for us, which is a factual basis, not a religious basis. Perfectly legal, perfectly sensible, and that’s what the ban is based on.”

Many people interpreted the remarks as an admission that the executive action signed Friday afternoon was actually a ban on Muslims, despite the President’s assurances that it was not.

But King clarified the full story Monday morning during an interview with Joe Piscopo on AM 970 THE ANSWER, revealing that the former New York City mayor has some of his details mixed up.

“Rudy is actually confusing two different meetings,” he revealed to Piscopo. “I was at the first meeting that we had with Donald Trump, Rudy… and several others. That was in August. And that was focused primarily on domestic security, about surveillance, issues like that.”

He continued saying this morning, “Then there was another meeting October which I was not at; McCaul was on television Friday and we said that he had a meeting with Rudy Giuliani in October and that’s when they discussed the executive order.”

He clarified however that while he “fully supports” the executive order, he was not a part of the initial meeting that Giuliani cited on Fox News this weekend. He also stated that he “was not aware” of the executive order before it happened, distancing himself from being in room as the so-called “legal” pathway to the ban was discussed .

Listen above via AM 970 THE ANSWER.

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