Joe Piscopo to Mediaite: All the News About Possible Russian Collusion Is ‘Comical’ and ‘Ridiculous’


Mediaite’s Travis Irvine caught up with none other than Joe Piscopo today. The radio personality had a lot to say about all of the news about Russia right now.

First, he called it comical, then expanded on that sentiment like this:

It’s a ruse. It’s a joke. They got nothing. The Russia thing is comical because it won’t go away … and I ask this, I ask this with respect, with respect to the Russian theorists — you talk about conspiracy theories, I mean, this is what this is — did the Russians come to my county in Jersey in the middle of nowhere and did they hack into my mechanical voting both so when I switched — I voted for somebody, they switched my vote? I mean, get to the — there’s no way they could hack it! If they hacked into the Democratic party, if indeed they did, who cares? They think, like, the voters are dumb. We’re not dumb. We know what’s going on. They’re not going to sway — “oh, geez, John Podesta said that? I better not vote for Hillary [Clinton].” That didn’t happen.

Also, on the subject of the media, he said, “Some of the mainstream media and ultra-left media get on me because I have Roger Stone on the show, I went on Alex Jones‘s show. But I also go on The Young Turks. I go on with Cenk [Uygur]. What’s the big deal? You gotta go on with everybody. It’s the radio business. It’s the media business.”

Last but not least, on the subject of his possible gubernatorial run, he said, “It’s time for the people; it’s time for the people’s politician.” That being said, he doesn’t want to run because no one would ever want to run, he said. He just has an “overwhelming responsibility” to step in and try.

Watch above.

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