Ron Paul Wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll With 37% Of Vote, Cain Comes In Second

Ron Paul Wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll With 37% Of Vote (Updated)

Rep. Ron Paul decisively won the Value Voters Summit straw poll with 37% of the vote, with Herman Cain taking the silver and being trailed by conservative darling Rick Santorum, at 16%.

The full results, via Dave Weigel:

Ron Paul – 37%
Herman Cain – 23%
Rick Santorum – 16%
Michele Bachmann – 8%
Rick Perry – 8%
Mitt Romney – 4%
Newt Gingrich – 3%
Undecided – 1%
Jon Huntsman – 0%

While Rep. Paul and Cain should be celebrating most– and given the events surrounding Mitt Romney throughout the event, he should not be entirely dismayed– the newsiest bit of news here seems to be that “Undecided” (whoever that is– Chris Christie?) seems to have soundly defeated Jon Huntsman, who apparently received no votes at all.

Update: Family Research Council head Tony Perkins responded to the results in a press conference, calling them “irrelevant,” as Paul had won and many of his supporters had registered early in the morning:

In a press conference following the announcement of the straw poll results at the annual Washington gathering of social conservatives, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins all but dismissed the results as irrelevant, citing 600 people who registered Saturday morning and, he said, “left after Ron Paul spoke.”

A total of 1,983 ballots were cast. “You do the math,” Perkins said.

Watch the report from CNN:

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