Rudy Giuliani Mercilessly Mocked Over Bizarre ‘Ivesssapology’ Tweet: ‘Who’s Drunk Now?’


The Twitterverse is collectively scratching its head as people try to make sense of Rudy Giuliani‘s odd “ivesssapology” tweet from Friday morning.

Thursday night, Giuliani deleted a video from his Twitter feed after joining President Donald Trump to push a video edited to portray House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as though she were drunk and/or mentally unsound. Giuliani is back on Twitter now, and he befuddled news watchers everywhere when he put out a tweet that misspelled the word “apology” and, for some reason, included a GIF of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

As it were, political observers have noticed Giuliani’s tweet, and they are:

A) Confused

B) Laughing

C) Remarking on the irony of Giuliani butchering his tweet so badly after his insinuations about Pelosi


D) All of the above

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