Rupert Murdoch Attacks Keystone XL Pipeline In Latest Series Of Surprising Tweets

Rupert Murdoch was at it again Friday afternoon, using his personal, unfiltered Twitter account to share his often-surprising views with his more than 400,000 followers. This time, this issue at hand was the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Murdoch sent out two tweets in quick succession, questioning the value of the still uncompleted pipeline system that transports crude oil from Alberta, Canada to the United States.

While Murdoch began by asking if the project was “really a good idea” he quickly switched to the declarative, saying it’s “not needed for energy independence.” He also indicated his preference for “fracked” natural gas over “ridiculous windmills.”

President Obama rejected the extension of the Keystone Pipeline early last year, leading to attacks from Republicans who view it as a path to energy independence as well as a source of jobs.

Of course, this is not the first time Murdoch has shared his slightly more left leaning opinions on Twitter. He recently called for an assault weapons ban and then defended Piers Morgan when the petition to have the CNN host deported was picking up steam.

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