Rush Limbaugh Calls Woman ‘Lucky’ For Being ‘Forced’ By Police To Listen To…Rush Limbaugh

We here at Mediaite get paid to listen to talk radio. However, did you know that there are people who listen to it without any possible resulting economic gain? Sounds like torture, right?

Well, a Houston woman thinks so. She’s suing a police department for “intentional infliction of emotional distress” after they handcuffed her, kept her in a police car, and forced her to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

From the Houston Chronicle:

“Talk about your Monday from hell. Not only did Bridgett Nickerson Boyd’s car break down on her way to work, but when she pulled over to the side of the freeway, a sheriff’s deputy named Mark Goad pulled behind her, wrote her a ticket for driving on the shoulder, decided to arrest her, followed her to the hospital when her suddenly racing heart prompted a call to paramedics, then took her into custody again after she was treated by doctors and finally drove her to jail.

To make matters worse, Boyd claims in a lawsuit that the handcuffs were put on her wrists painfully tight and that she was forced to listen to conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh ‘make derogatory comments about black people’ all the way to the jail. Boyd is African-American.”

The whole thing is pretty hilarious. It’s not good enough to reach the levels of Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Week (this story genuinely makes me want to get in a rocket and leave the world of humanity behind) but it’s pretty good. What makes it hilarious, however, is listening to Limbaugh’s reaction to it.

Unsurprisingly, Limbaugh couldn’t help but discuss it on his radio show last week. He laughingly said that the woman “doesn’t know how lucky she is” and pointed out how odd it was that, in a story that also involves defamation, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, assault, and battery, every news outlet focussed on the part about his show as being the worst injustice inflicted on the woman.

I guess those people don’t get paid to listen either.

Listen to the clip below:

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