Rush Limbaugh: ‘Gay Militants’ Run The New York Times

On his nationally-syndicated radio show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh said that “gay militants” run The New York Times during a segment on the newspapers’ editorial response to President Obama‘s newfound support for same-sex marriage.

Limbaugh pointed out that Obama’s new policy position doesn’t actually change anything about the debate over same-sex marriage, and said “The gay militants that run the New York Times, they noticed, folks, that Obama didn’t actually do anything. When the Robin Roberts interview was over, nothing had change. Not a single thing!”

The point of the segment was that, in Limbaugh’s view, despite all the media hype this Obama policy “evolution” effectively changes nothing about same-sex marriage. All the pro-gay marriage movement got was “some symbolism and that’s it. Even The New York Times realizes that.”

Check out the clip below:

(H/T Daily Rushbo)

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